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Research by Subject: Dr. Lora L. Tyson Education Curriculum Resource Center

In Memory of Dr. Lora L. Tyson


Dr. Tyson, Associate Professor of Education, was a member of the North Central College Faculty from 1999 until her death in 2008.  One of her goals for the education department was to enhance the materials and services available to education students in the Curriculum Center located in Oesterle Library.  She had a vision of a place where students could gather to plan lessons, create materials to use in those lessons, and access a rich variety of resources.  The goal of the Dr. Lora L. Tyson Education Curriculum Resource Center is to make Dr. Tyson's vision a reality.



The Dr. Lora L. Tyson Education Curriculum Resource Center provides students in the Education program access to materials for planning and implementing lessons.  Materials housed in the Tyson Center include:

  • A representative selection of K-12 textbook sets
  • Activity suggestion books
  • Children's and young adult literature
  • Manipulatives, kits, and other hands on teaching materials
  • An Ellison shape-cutting machine with a complete set of 4" block letters and numbers, cardinal mascot die, and a variety of other dies.
  • A pouch laminator that will laminate materials up to 12 x 18 inches
  • A binding machine
  • A paper trimmer

As funds become available, we will continue to grow and expand the types of materials available in the Tyson Center.  Please watch this site, or stop by, to see what's new!



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