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Research by Subject: Global Human Rights 2013-2014: Poverty Reduction

Annual International Programs Focus

Each year, North Central College turns its attention to a particular global issue in order to examine it in the cultures of particular regions of the world. During this third year of the College's  3-year series, "Global Human Rights," we will focus on Global Poverty Reduction. Several classes across the curriculum will be devoting attention to this focus, while co-curricular events (lectures, films, concerts, and art exhibits) will take place each term. The year will end with a special symposium in spring term devoted to global poverty reduction. Students are encouraged to enroll in these specially designated classes, many of which fulfill general education requirements. For further details, please visit the Annual International Focus page.

These resource lists are prepared in support of this focus.

TED Talks: Bono on Eradicating Poverty

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